Welcome to the Nexus Rangers

We are the preeminent explorers, observers, and guides across all dimensions of creation. From our fortress at Nexus on Earth-0, we provide a system of support for those who get lost in the multiverse. We also study and catalogue the various worlds and timelines available. But we also offer protection. There are dangers in creation. Things and people who operate in the shadows of forbidden worlds and inhospitable timelines. The Nexus Rangers stand opposed to the Sentinel and all his works and empty promises. 

By now you have received your laser baton, your Multiversal Compass (MC), and your environment suit. With these three essential tools, your travels through spacetime will begin. Your task as a recruit is to explore the multiverse, serve where needed, and rescue those who have stumbled through the cracks into dangerous worlds and evil times. Do not be afraid. Remember that you are a Nexus Ranger. In the Director’s name, go forth. Investigate, serve, and protect. 

There are two spacetime cracks in front of you.

Click here to enter the crack on the left.

Click here to enter the crack on the right.