Planet Sacara

This crack takes you into a dense forest. Thick clusters of gumdrops weigh down the peppermint boughs until they nearly touch the ground, which is thick with chocolate. The aroma of cinnamon, peppermint, and chocolate teases you until you are nearly mad with desire for sugary sustenance. You find a stream of orange soda and bend close to drink. Slurping up the sugary goodness, soda dribbling from your chin, you can almost hear a sound like buzzing high above. Curious, you gaze up through the trees and your jaw drops as a massive fly descends from the candy-yellow sky. Rolling out of the way, you hid in the bushes where hard candies grow on stalks, near an outcropping of rock candy. You watch as the gigantic fly begins slurping up the soda stream with its probiscis, defecating as it consumes.  

As much as you’d love to fight this thing, part of you wants to try taming it as a mount instead.

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